Art day, prepare it for success

How to stop procrastinating and how to show up and do the work instead?

Why it’s so freaking hard to do what you love the most, why do we have the laundry to do, the perfect cup of tea, and 1000 important things instead to just show up in-front of paper, canvas, other material and do the work?

Does that happen to you too? Over and over?

…not really meant just for art creating, it could be anything that we are passionate about and we want to tackle it, or we just know that that, thing is our big thing in life, we want to change it, to make a point, to make a big break, to improve, to grow, to do something that have meaning and purpose to us.

Why it’s so hard to just do one single small step a day? Because first we sure know that, that thing, whatever it is will bring something good and bigger in our life’s, so it’s important to us, no matter how small or no big is for another observer….and remember others opinion don’t really count here, except if they are our cheerleaders and supporters or even our mentors. Well then their opinion matter to us, because they have some good advice, or they will just be there for us in the right moment, to say, not to stop just yet in the moments when we want to quit.

Really, why is quitting so easy? Any small obstacle, the next morning and we could see our-self’s not been so into it as we was last night when we did make our plan?

So what was the idea all about how to prepare your art day for success?

So simple: prepare yourself for a success, right there, first thing in the morning….just do it.

All you need to do is to decide what’s your thing, and then you just say you will do it every day first thing in the morning, 10, 20, 30 minute thing, and you wake up and do it, no thinking at all, no more why’s or other gremlins listening in your head, but just go and do the thing.

What we do with focusing those few minutes a day to something is the feeling of accomplishment, so all other stuff later in a day are easier to do, because we know, that big thing that’s important to us is already done.

I borrow it from Straight Up by Trent Shelton
croquis 30 day challenge, could I improve the messiness of the lines in one month?
The first day, of the challenge….will see if I could improved them in one month.

We need to identify what we want, need, what is the thing that will bring us the feel of accomplishment. Like for me, it would be to be able to draw figure gesture more accurate, easily, just better, I don’t really need to explain what will that simple thing do to improve my art making, right?
I’m passionate, and impressed with human body, how it works, just what it could do….and I want to express that in my art, but for that I need to draw it good, like really good.
My solution is super simple. It’s actually a challenge, because in the past with hard tasks, I did quit too fast too many times, so this is a challenge to draw croquis every morning before I do anything else. Like if I could accomplish this small task every day, after a while I will be better, maybe even good after a longer period of time. It’s just like 10 minutes work in a day, and after doing it, I could make a cross about that, even feel good about just doing it.
Let’s see the today drawings and latter I will post newer, to see if there is any improvement. Like, it’s an experiment, about sticking to the desire basically. It shouldn’t be hard, but I will tell you, it is, because it’s hard to get out of the old mindset, and it’s not easy to change it to new better one, even if I know it’s better for me, and I could totally see how good that simple morning thing will work so good for me in any other areas of my work, or my desire to become an artist full time. In case if you want to play with me, go to the CROQUIS CAFE and let’s see how it will work for us.

I was thinking this is like a new thing of the art date, it’s corona time, and we are in lock down again, stick to the house and still have an artist day, just no real talking with real peoples, will miss that part, but hey it’s a learning time, so it will need to be enough. Art date from a home? Will you join me? Could you use this idea to your dreaming desires?

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