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The one that we (artists) dreams the most is, that we are making our art for a living, no side jobs needed…

We all hear this advice when we wanted to hear how to become the artist:

  • to trust in our guts
  • to believe in our art creations
  • to give the artworks our soul, energy, emotion, feeling
  • to feel the feeling
  • to dream big, bigger than we thing we are allowed.

And of course we needed the bust of energy, somebody who will tell us to not listen the gremlin in our head who say not good enough and all that stupid negativity. The truth is we all know we did grow up with that negative message about being an artist, about art is not worth it, and nobody really believe our stuff is good enough. In that environment, even artist itself start to hear more negative thoughts than positive.
I did need like 45 years of life to finally surround myself with peoples who do think positive about art, and they are from all over the place just not from where I live. For now it’s true we live in corona time, and a lot of restrictions and all that, so for now I didn’t manage to found artist from Slovenia, to meat them in real life that will be talking positive about art making that meant they are totally OK with how they could make living out of it. Just art making itself, no side jobs, and that that is enough. That they have time to really explore all their potential, that finally I would seen somebody that would say I’m happy, I’m good in my art, I have what I need to explore deeper to live my whole potential.
Well maybe I did found one artist who think like that, but didn’t meat him yet, and he’s photographer. Well he don’t even know that I think this way about his work (TOPSHIT PHOTOGRAPHY – Borut Peterlin). But yea, this last year or so I was looking how to surround myself with positive thinking artist, and this step is really important, to see the good examples, to be inspired by, even like roll models. To just see it’s totally possible, when you believe..

Few of original canvas pieces on sale for project Big Artist Dreams
Few of original canvas pieces on sale for project Big Artist Dreams

So what is my Big Artist Dream project all about

Last year I was really serious about making abstract art works, and I did make a lot of canvases and this year with homeschooling, being home all the time, being more the cook, and cleaning lady, well everything that mom mean to my kids….everything except having enough time and energy for making good art, getting deep into the exploration and learn and experiment what I’m interested the most. Well if you did stay home with kids for so many months like this year, then you know the feel.

Anyway I was just thinking it’s time to show of my works so I did publish one by one on IG and all my other social media, did even make few short movies about it….and the idea was to well support my art, so I did decide to give all those pieces on sale price for the time that this project is going on.

It’s virtual gallery happening on my social media platforms, and for the last big shout out here in video form

If you like something send me an email to so we could talk details, but basic information’s you need to have: all pieces presented in video are on sale for 120€ till the end of next week 14.February 2021, they are acrylic on canvas and the size is 37×37 cm.
PS you could seen all the paintings also on my IG account.

All the works that are available by sale price 120€ till the 14.February, send the email to

What will mean if you will decide to get a piece or two?
Absolutely everything on a world that could artist imagine, an artist sporting dreams, a financial freedom, an option to dream bigger, create better and better work, a chance to make world beautiful and colorful, a chance to make somebody happy.
The most important part, to show of to kids, myself even others that living big dreams is possible, and to actually believe, that we are good enough, just the way we are. Be the daydreamer and happy person, because I dare to become artist.
And yea it’s true, being artist mean a lot to me, like it’s not a status at all, it’s a way of thinking. Be brave and dare enough to survive and thrive….and you see, you are the important piece of the puzzle. All I want to say is to thanks for the support and thanks for allowing my dreams to grow. It meant a lot to me, to my kids too. It’s our air we live it from day to day.

Wish you will become dreamer in your life too, get and reach to your stars, we all deserve it. To become the best version of ourself and to found our dipper potential and really live it.

Spread the love, Mik.

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  1. erotik says:

    Thank you for your words of inspiration and hope! The elixir many of us need to nourish ourselves with now. Gussi Jay Bailar

  2. turkce says:

    Appreciating the persistence you put into your blog and detailed information you present. Gwenore Morgun Penrose

  3. erotik says:

    Good post. I absolutely love this website. Continue the good work! Gavrielle Brandtr Shoemaker

  4. pkv games says:

    This site really has all of the information I needed about this subject and didn at know who to ask. Faythe Christoper McKee Evangelina Ward Tootsie

  5. 123 says:

    Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? Tiffie Sanders Thay

    1. lidija miklavcic says:

      I did have a sewing blog before, but with the divorce stuff I did lost that, so this is my second blog. It’s just like digital journal, with option that somebody could actually seen it. It’s fun to write it, that’s all. I love it.


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