What have kids teaching and art making in-common?

Treasure hunt in art?

With one word, believe, believe, believe…

So simple as this is, but unbelievable powerful at the same time. Accept it and you will grow to the moon.

Why I wright it three times? Because it’s that important. For real. One friend say that whatever you want to teach your kids, first thing is that first you need to believe in it….no matter what that is. If you just say it, it’s empty and they will know you don’t mean it, it’s empty and they will not get it, no matter how hard you shout that thing.
The second is you actually don’t need to teach them at all. (Yea I did think this is crazy too!) But it’s not.

Why? Because teaching just with saying out words you think you need to say is empty too. But teaching with your own example, like show them daily what you believe in life, that’s the strongest lesson they will get. And it works every time, for everything. It’s even easy to learn that way. It’s like your basic core. But there is a catch to it.

The hardest part for the teacher. Even if it’s your believe, sometimes it’s hard to live like that.
Because it could be your new believe and you, yourself want to adopt that into your life. But even if we know how good this will be for us, it’s not necessary easy to do, because it take time to do it, and it need to be repeatable in any situation.

There is a question, how good teacher then you are to your kids or even to yourself? (this last one goes on me).

Always and always will be situations when we could react better than we did. And well at the same time, we all are still learners themself, so sure, we will make mistakes. A lot of them.

But get back to the story, what have teaching with art making in-common? That was our question at the beginning. Well it need to be real, that it have good content, and that we do believe in it. This three things are super important.

The surprise of the back canvas, and art creating play of my kid at three years or so.

So what kind of art it is that is not real, without content and without artist believe? Empty, totally empty, the most it could be technique, some example of repeating process of somebody else…so to the maker (artist) it’s fake. Fake art like fake fingerprint? Because we all should have unique fingerprint, so we all should have unique art too. Because art is what artist create out of himself, so his/her basic core. Do you know that or not is not even important, but at some point in making a lot of art, you get there, your mark is different than it’s from others. It have your unique story, your frustrations and your joy. It is what you believe, the artist believe. Anyway it’s super powerful thing, because yea maybe the creator don’t know yet his/her unique marks, process, handwriting, but it is in anybody of us, we just need to play long enough to allow that thing, the magic in us, creatives come out to the world, in a form of art creation, then it could be visible, shared with others or anything else. Super cool, super powerful. It basically mean nobody can’t make your art the way you will do it. That’s the reason, we should just do it, no matter in what level our mastery is. Because it will evolve, it will grow, but we do need to start somewhere.

Maybe there is another question, that is super important…as an artist what do you believe in?
What is your truth you want to tell, express, live with? Who you are, and why you are doing what you do?

Strange to finish the post with the question, but it’s important. Found your answer, it’s probably the process of founding and it will take some time, so in meantime, create and believe, believe, believe. Love, Mik

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