Art Classes

A few of Skillshare Classes that I done in the past.
I did share a little bit of what I was interested in the past, from surface pattern design, drawing, experimenting and even sewing, you know the typical DIY, some even made with kids, you know the fun stuff in life.
Enjoy, and please share it with your artsy friends.

Paint Your Sneakers

A little video lessons how to paint your favorite sneakers and bring them new and personal design.
The paint used for the project is acrylic, and acrylic and canvas is the perfect combination…the same you could do on canvas bags, or jeans fabric…
Anyway, more in the class. enjoy.

Surface Pattern Sketching Mock-up Video Class

Surface Pattern – Sketchy Mock-up Design

A fun short class about Mock-up design, but it’s also something little about drawing itself. So even if you are not passionate or don’t need Mock-ups at all, I think you will enjoy in drawing part of the lesson.


This is fun project with a little bit of painting with acrylic paints, some stenciling and at the end finished project with free-motion stitch, so you get really nice graphic drawing lines made with thread.
For the end project I did made a fabric plant bucket, but you could see other samples at the intro video for some ideas what you could make. Have fun.

Tossed repeat Design Class Video

Surface Pattern Design Tossed Repeat from Paintings

Class in Photoshop showing how to make tossed repeat pattern from painted motifs, so you paintings could be used into fabric production, and seen on cloths, even on a run ways?

and Printed Wearable Art Video Class” class=”wp-image-252″/>

Hand Painted Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art

Painting and free-motion stitch in a skirt. Similar class as Doodle Stitch, but in this class I will show you how to make a skirt from jeans and how to sew it without pattern cut in curved lines….I mean just the skirt sewn this way is fun project itself, so you could make easily at least two totally different skirts for your wardrobe.

Paper Coffee Ink Video Class

Paper painting with Coffee and Ink

Paper printing with kids, used for hand-painted papers, for making journals covers, collage papers, or for creating interesting marks useful for latter digital work, like surface patterns.

DIY Jumpsuit Video Class

Men’s shirt redesigned in to a sexy DIY jumpsuit

The project where I show you how you could recycle men shirt into something for yourself….who don’t like good DIY projects?