About me

How could I help you?

Tell me if you feel fancy to have something you did seen on my page, maybe even something similar if the original is already founded new home….. Maybe we could found the best solution for your space or prepare a gift for your special person? Send me the email, and we will figure it out.
Be sure I’m exited if my work would found new home, and if it will make you feel happy….even if you will decide just to sign on my newsletter so I could bring to you a little bit of art, and color magic into your mailbox once or twice a month.

Do you look an artist for collaboration in a project or two? Like surface pattern design or licensing? I do have a lot of experiences in surface pattern design, like repeats for textile printing, you never know, maybe we could discover that we are perfect match? It’s fun when that happen, right?

Artist statement

I was somehow into making art my whole life and not in other stuff. There was more design type of creativity and DIY, but after some time of making real art I did decide to get deeper into it, to explore more, to found the voice, to explore the elements of all past experiences into something new. To see how out of nothing you could create something new, to learn, and experiment, that’s the thing that don’t allow me to sleep, and that makes my days exited and passionate.
I would like to express emotions and passion of life with color, texture, and combination of different materials. It’s just the way of living, never ending story, where one piece bring the idea for another. Joyful side of life.
I love to combine the stuff I did learn from surface pattern designs, printmaking even sewing…I think all the back experiences have somehow chance to be connected into new art pieces, or they bring me new ideas that needs to be explored….

…. at the end of the day, everything is about the passion in life, and the next new thing for tomorrow ….

My painting approach

It usually start’s with the exploration, and play, it’s the how the material react on a surface, it could feel a lot of surface pattern feels, it’s trying to found the expression, the energy, the passion.
The painting is becoming more and more like the rest of the life, looking for love and having fun, well my new approach to life, and yea I’m learning it.

Stay tuned, because this year will be a huge look for new stuff, new techniques, materials, new combinations. I will even say this moment I even don’t want to be focused on making just one thing over and over. I want to explore and learn.
Well I think I will write this part of text again……but hey, I promises a lot will be there to be seen, and if you want to stay connected, become friends and use the option to get newsletter (I even plan some giveaways)….and the information’s about that will get out soon.