Surface Design Portfolio

Maybe you could seen in my abstract art a lot of feel of surface design?

…. while I did start painting in abstracts, I was fighting with myself to not work as surface designs….but, peoples like my art as much as they like my surface designs.

Maybe you don’t see my paintings like that, sometimes I’m really trying that the art pieces don’t look like surface design but and abstracted art pieces.
Well, the truth is, I love that job, and I think it’s a shame to stop doing it … so I will continue with it, even if this will be just here on this page and some sharing on my Instagram. It’s important part of my creative life and I’m freaking good at repeats… and it would be a shame, to stop it.
And, yea, I have one more and … I like to use my surface pattern designs in sketched mock-ups. They just looked so crazy good and it’s fun to share good things. So stay tuned.

Short Video presentation of my designs.
Working mock-up sketch….

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