Link to finished artworks to buy at ArtFinder Shop or Saatchiart Shop.
If you want to ask me anything just shoot the email and we will found the best solution for your space, or gift….

and prepare all thousand and one tasks….I will admit, I have no idea how long it will take, but hope it will be working soon.

In mean while I would like to help you found best possible solution, so we could make your space shine with new beautiful fun colors.
If you are fancy to get something just send me an email, and you could see all that I have on my Instagram … I have there the most up to date with all the pictures and the prices wearies from 50€ to 500€, depending on size, material, what you are interested to get.

….I know I will say it, but I mean, could you say no to this?…..I just love how it looks and feels, don’t you?