Art and its craziness, but is it really?

Do you wonder, why do we need art? Why do we need to make it, to admire it, to support it, to live with it? Can’t we be without it?
NO, we can.
I will just say, thank you, yes you, to support my dreams. I promise I will do my best to bring happy feelings into your life if and when you will be here. Enjoy. Love, Mik.

So I should introduce myself and the art I want to share with you. I’m Lidija Miklavcic, living in Slovenia, with two kids and a snoring cat, well he is cute….
I’m fashion, and industrial designer, my last job was designing surface patterns, dam, I love that job….but you know when the life just come along, and you need to make a big drastic change and basically start allover.

My big move was to get more serious into art, to learn the craft and discover the big magic surprise, that art making is much more than just pushing colors around.

Art making is a lifestyle, bigger than life, and it’s purpose is to make something out of nothing, even better if it’s beautiful.

Let’s get on a color journey together and play with rainbows, because there are all the colors hidden in them.

Why art is fun, why sketching is fun, and different ways of use like here as a mock-up sketch.